First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your newborn. Sharing the joy you feel about your sweet baby (or babies!) with your friends and family is important. After all, what would life be like if you couldn’t share it with your community? Birth announcements have become a beautiful way to stop time. Like a precious baby book, a list of firsts, or an album of photos, they capture the memory of your child’s day of birth. What better way to document how incredibly small they were (yes, even those 10-pound babies!), and share the good news?

Here are a few ideas about how to choose a birth announcement that is perfect for you and your newborn.

1. Get professional photos taken.
There are endless photographers all across America, but in my opinion, only a fraction of them will be right for your newborn.  Take it from a professional photographer herself, photographing babies is a honor, but can also be quite difficult. Photographers like Nicole McDaniel Photography of Denver who specializes in only newborns will be able to provide you not only with beautiful, timeless images, but also a wonderful experience.  Professional images will have very little “noise” in your photos, should be lit very well, and should have a wonderful color to them. Our prints reflect true color as closely as possible and will truly highlight the best parts of your images.

Photo Birth Announcements

2. Find a design that not only suits your newborn, but truly highlights your photos and family dynamic. More and more, we see that people love cards that have beautiful, large photos. This type of card will be more timeless for your keepsake box. We even see people frame their cards for the mantle.  Our folded cards have lots of large photos and plenty of room for a personal quote, your newborn’s birth details, and even a special note from mom and dad.

3. Don’t limit yourself to just cards that seem like they are made specifically for newborns.  Any card on our site can be used for any purpose. Widen your horizons and search the wedding invitations and even graduation announcements for a design that you like. Customized with your photos and information, you can transform any design into a perfect birth announcement. Imagine how beautiful a card like this folded wedding invitation would be for twin boys or for a beautiful baby girl.

The world is ready to meet your new family member! Check out all of the awesome card options at

~Eldeen Annette

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