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Card Chef Rewards Program

Refer a friend, receive rewards. It's as simple as that.

For a limited time, CardChef.com is offering current customers the opportunity to receive rewards simply for referring friends and family to our site. You will receive $10 back for each referral that completes an new order with CardChef.com. For example, if 2 of your referred friends order with us, you could receive a $20 reward. If 5 friends order with us, you could receive $50. If 10 of your friends order with us, you could receive $100 (you get the picture)!  With Facebook, e-mail, texting, and Twitter, spreading the word about CardChef.com has never been easier. We will notify you and put $10 back on your credit card each time any of your friends or family order from CardChef.com and mention your name. This offer is for a limited time only. Please read carefully the 6 simple terms of this rewards program below.

1. You must be a recent customer with CardChef.com.  Recent customers are defined as those that have successfully completed a photo card order of any kind or amount after July 1, 2014.  Note: sample pack orders are not eligible.

2. Your referred friend must complete a successful order with Photo Card Chef. The friend's order must total $120 or more to be considered eligible.

3. Your friend must successfully place his or her order within 14 days of your most recent order.

4. Your friend must mention your name (the billing name exactly as it appears in our system) in the "How did you hear about us" text box.  The “How did you hear about us” text box is located on the product details page above the “add to cart” button and must be completed before the order is submitted. If your name is not mentioned in the initial order, the rewards offer is not valid and no reward will be given.

5. Rewards are limited to and cannot exceed the amount of your most recent order (rounded down to the nearest $10 increment). For instance, if your most recent order totaled $52, then up to 5 referrals can be rewarded for a total reward of up to $50. If your order totaled $89, then up to 8 referrals can be rewarded, for a total reward of up to $80.

6. This offer expires on July 1st, 2014

Here's the bottom line -
If CardChef.com receives an order totaling $120 or more with your name entered as the referral, and their order is within 14 days of your most recent order and is completed before July 1st, 2014, then CardChef will apply a $10 credit to your credit card that was used to place your order with us, or to your Paypal account if Paypal was used at the time of your order. Pretty cool, huh?

Feel free to Contact Us with further questions and we look forward to rewarding you!