At Photo Card Chef, our goal is to create designs that are simply too unique and perfect to pass up.  We understand that deciding on which invitation or announcement to go with, whether it’s wedding invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcements, or holiday and Christmas cards, is not an easy choice to make with so many options available out there. Photo Card Chef has taken a stand against cookie-cutter designs.  We love creating personalized photo cards and invitations that are just as original as you are.  We have made it our mission to provide cards that carry an element of surprise.  Looking for an invitation that is modern and contemporary? We’ve got that covered.  We also create designs for our wedding invitations, birth announcements, and graduation photo cards that are grungy, fun and colorful, retro, traditional, funky, and just plain interesting! We want your wedding guests to instantly smile after opening your invitation for the first time.  We want your friends and family to actually keep your holiday cards at Christmastime because they are just too stunning to toss with the rest of them. We want your graduation friends to be just a little bit jealous when they open your graduation announcements because of how cool your cards are.  Understanding what our clients want it important to us, and meeting your expectations isn’t enough – we desire to strive to exceed your expectations with our completely original designs, speedy customer service, and exceptional print quality.

We know how important card and print quality is to you.  Our cards are printed on the press for a crisp, polished look.  We print on heavy 80 lb. – 110 lb. card stock, and offer several finish types so your cards can feel more customized and high-end. We also print on both sides of your photo card, in full color, with something more than just a plain color or print. We offer photos, information, and lots of design elements on all panels of our cards for a more exciting result.

In a hurry?  That is no problem with Card Chef.  Not only will your cards be printed, packaged, and shipped only 24- 48 hours after you complete you order, we have the option for rush overnight shipping, so you can have your cards in hand in as little as 3 days.

Having so many choices of invitations online can be overwhelming.  Let us help by providing you with a photo card that is exactly what you were looking for.

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